International Harvester Case IH Farmall Tractor Memorabilia

When I was a kid my favorite place was the seldom-visited Toy Store. The exciting and wonderful sights were such a thrill. Here is a "Toy Store" you can visit all you want. Hope you enjoy these Farmall tractor-related items. They bring back great memories, don't they?!
Check out our great selection of unique items. Our windchimes are rugged, large and impressive, and measure 34 inches in height. They are beautifully painted and will stand up well to weather conditions. Other nice items include our canvas "camp chairs", attractive and unusual pocket watches, signs, and even windmills. Not to mention many other wonderful gifts.



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International Harvester Case IH Farmall memorabilia, gifts, toys, scale models

    Description Price
1.   International Harvester IH fire shovel
Item No. 33306
2.   Case IH red canvas folding child's camp chair
Item No. 33313
3.   Case IH red canvas adult folding camp chair
Item No. 33314
4.   International Harvester IH thermometer
Item No. 33351
5.   International Harvester IH folding child's chair
Item No. 33359
6.   International Harvester IH adult folding chair
Item No. 33360
7.   Barn Birdhouse Windchime
Item No. 39561
8.   Patriotic windchime
Item No. 55501
9.   Support Our Troops Windchime
Item No. 55503
10.   Farm windchime with pig
Item No. 55535
11.   Farm windchime with cow
Item No. 55536
12.   International Harvester Farmall windchime
Item No. 55551
13.   International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub windchime
Item No. 55563
14.   Farm windchime with horse
Item No. 55572
15.   International Harvester Farmall poly-resin windchime
Item No. 55583
16.   International Harvester IH matchbox holder
Item No. 88808
17.   International Harvester IH large windmill
Item No. 99906
18.   International Harvester IH very large windmill kit
Item No. 99907
All prices in US Dollars


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